About SAQARI Swimwear:

~ Being a woman in my twenties, I have owned a number of different bikinis from various shops and swimwear stores. What I have noticed over the years is that so many bikinis are made purely for appearance rather than quality and durability. With this being said, I wanted to create a swimwear line that was affordable, aesthetically pleasing and reliable. SAQARI swimwear was born with this as its foundations. All bikinis are designed and handmade by myself to ensure that each item not only looks good but is also high quality. With a variety of eye-catching colours and patterns, each design compliments the female figure by accentuating curves and femininity whilst offering comfort and class.

~ SAQARI aims to promote environmental awareness through its packaging scheme where no plastic is used. It is important as consumers that we acknowledge the environmental issues that we currently face on a global scale. We need to decrease our carbon footprint and teach others to do the same. The use of plastic is undoubtedly needed in modern day life, however it is the quantity that is being produced, used and disposed of that is causing detrimental effects on our environment and our oceans. SAQARI swimwear is wrapped in tissue paper and delivered in either a paper envelope or a box. These boxes are 100% recyclable and on average are made up of a minimum of 75% recycled fibres.


• S  - 8/10
• M - 10/12
• L  - 12/14
Please note:This guide is for reference only. Sizes may vary slightly across different styles.

✔ Hand wash in cold water after each wear
✔ Lay flat to dry, out of direct sunlight
✔ Make sure any sand is removed as this can dry out the fabric
✔ Store in a dry place where air frequently flows to avoid moisture build up
✖ Do not wash in hot water
✖ Do not dry clean or machine wash 
✖ Do not iron 
✖ Do not leave in direct sunlight as this can cause colour to fade

A blend of Lycra, Polyester and Spandex are used in SAQARI swimwear and all fabric and materials are sourced from the UK. Elastic is also sewn into every bikini as it holds the bikini in place on your body and ensures no awkward slips in the sea.


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